Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One of my very best friends lost her grandpa this past week. Death is always hard even though we know that we will see them again, it is just hard to not be able to see them every day, or to hear their voice. I was struggling and not knowing what to tell her. After having book of mormon, I realized that God has our best in mind and know us each individually. I was wondering what to say to her and in Book of Mormon, Brother Griffin told us something that someone important said. They said "A righteous man doesn't die before his time." After hearing that, I immediately thought about my friend and later on that day I told her that. She was relieved and a little more peace was brought to her. I know that this doesn't pertain exactly to the doctrine of the scriptures learned in class the past week, but it strengthened my testimony. The gospel is true and each and every day there are little sweet tender mercies that make me realize how much God knows us individually and knows exactly what we need. Another sweet tender mercy was that I received a letter from my missionary. It is hard not having the people you care about in your daily life, especially those you spend so much time with. But after having a long day, I had a surprise letter that I was not expecting. In this letter, he told me how reading the scripture helped him when he was doubting himself. I know not only in my mind, but in my heart that God knows us and blesses us with scriptures and prophets in our lives. My testimony is so strong, and nothing will ever change that, but make it stronger. I love this Church and I love my Savior. If ever anyone needs anything, ask God in prayer, he will answer them and help you through any trial.

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