Monday, October 21, 2013

Where do we fit in?

This past week in New Testament, we discussed Luke 15 and the parables regarding The Prodigal Son and The Coin, and The Lost Sheep. With all of these parables, we analyzed each situation and how they can apply to our lives. When one sheep wandered away from the other 99, the shepherd went and found the one that had wandered away. In the story of the coin, it was neglected and therefore ended up lost and missing, but the woman diligently searched for it and found it. In both cases, something was lost, and someone went and searched for it.

In the prodigal son, he told his father that he was dead to him and that all he wanted was his money and to be on his own. The prodigal son rebelled and chose to go astray. His dad couldn't just go looking for him, he had to wait until the son chose to come home on his own. When he did finally come home the dad ran to him and welcomed him with open arms.

Christ shared parables for us to learn from and to apply the interpretation to our own lives. Who are we? Where do we fit in? Are we the sheep that was just looking down and got lost, or are we purposefully choosing to rebel and go astray like the prodigal son?

In either case, we need to repent. God is so happy when we repent and come unto him. I know for me personally I never want to disappoint my earthly parents, and especially my heavenly parents. I don't want to be the one to leave them and be lost, or one they worry about. I want to be on the lord's side at all times. I know that I will be happier and life wont be as hard. Yes there are trials and struggles, but if I have the lord on my side, those trials and struggles will be much easier to manage.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Where are your priorities?

This past week in New Testament, we talked about Christ and his apostles, when Jesus told them how to instruct and teach the people. In Matthew 10:37 it says; "he that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more that me is not worth of me." This piece of scripture reminds me of a talk in General Conference the past week where Elder Oaks talked about priorities, and that we need to make sure that we have our priorities in the right place. It is okay to have other priorities, as long as Heavenly Father/Jesus Christ are our number one priority. If you think about it , it shouldn't be hard to make that our number one priority because in the long run, the goal is to end up with our Father in Heaven.  In Mathew 10:30 it says: "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered," not just some, but every little tiny hair. We matter to him, no matter what. At times it may seem like we are so little and even invisible, but we need to think about the bigger picture. We are children of God, He knows us one by one. How could we not love him and want to be with him. This earth life is so small and so minute with an eternal perspective, but at the same time so important. How we live in this life will impact us forever. We need to keep our priorities straight and focus on Christ, love God and love everyone else. Be christlike, and not let little things get in the way of your eternal happiness and salvation. We are loved no matter what we do, and no one is perfect, so when we make mistakes, we need to just remember to reach toward Christ and he will help us.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Follow In Faith

This past week in New Testament, we talked about Peter when he was a fisherman, when Jesus first approached him. Peter was asked to throw the nets out again, and at this time, he was very fatigued and had just finished working all night. Peter then responded and  said: "Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net." We can learn so much from Peter's response. He had been working so hard and was so tired, but because the Savior wanted it, he did what he was asked. We need to always follow Christ, no questions asked. We don't always know why, or what is in store, but he knows best and so we must do what he asks. A lot of the time he is going to ask us to give something up, and although it may not be easy, we need to think with an eternal perspective and follow in faith. Christ won't come to us when we are completely troubled or lost, and give us an ultimatum. He will usually give us challenges, or opportunities to give up good things in life for what would be better. An example would be a mission call. With the age change, the missionaries are at a prime time in their life, and they must give up everything in order to serve the lord. It is important to always put our faith in the lord and trust in him that things will turn out the way they are supposed to, no matter how hard the sacrifice is at the time, in the long run we will be blessed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothing worth having comes easy :)

This past week in New Testament, we discussed Matthew chapter 4, along with other scripture, but I want to focus on what I learned from Matthew 4. In the beginning of this chapter, it talks about when Christ was tempted by Satan after fasting for 40 days. Christ was tempted to use his priesthood power for food, to throw himself off of a cliff and to use Angels to help him, and offered him kingdoms of the world. Now Christ didn't take any of these offers, but that is besides the point. The point is that with all these temptations it doesn't matter if Christ actually did these events such as eating, but it is because it would be for the wrong reasons. Satan tries to offer us instant satisfactory for a long-term suffering. This principle applies so much in my life and I think especially right now in my life I need to make sure I keep this in mind. Yes, it would be much easier to not do assignments and say I did them, to cheat and not study for exams, but in the long run I wouldn’t be benefited. I am here in college at BYU in order to learn and to gain an education. If I were to take an easy road and cheat my way through school, I would fail miserably when it came to working in the real world. It would be easier and temporarily more enjoyable to not put forth effort, but I wouldn’t gain anything in the long run. Hard work pays off, and it isn’t easy, one of my favorite quotes is “nothing worth having comes easy,” and I truly believe it. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

In His Time

While discussing the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth, a personal story of mine came to mind. Just as a background, Zacharias and Elizabeth had been praying for a long time that they would be able to have a child. One day, Zacharias went to the temple and an Angel of the Lord came to him and said that his prayer had been answered and that they will have a son. Now my parents have a very similar story. about 11 years ago, my parents were told by doctors that their bodies didn't work and that they wouldn't be able to have any more kids. After many prayers fasting and failed attempts, they decided to stop trying. 8 years later, they were blessed with a little boy, my brother Garrett. Although unexpected and not the most ideal timing, God does answer prayers. Little did we know at the time that having another addition to the family, with such a sweet innocent spirit blessed me and my family in more ways then we could have imagined. Garrett always makes us feel loved and always keeps the sprit in the home. Heavenly Father truly knew that we needed him in our lives at this time and not 8 years sooner when we wanted him! In all things this teaches us that we need to just have faith in the Lord and trust in his timing. He knows the bigger picture and knows what is best for us! I feel so greatly blessed to know that Heavenly Father is always there for us and that he wants what is best for us, although we may think we know what that is, we don't, he does, so just trust in faith and follow Christ!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Testament

Tonight I went to the temple with Sarah to do my scripture study for the day and for Book of Mormon. I also watched the fireside with Elder Russell M Nelson. During his talk, Motherhood and families kept on appearing into my thoughts, and also the Savior. After the fireside I couldn't stop thinking about how I need to make Christ the center of my life. While reading the assigned reading in Matthew, and all of the genealogy, it says at the end of vs 17 that there were fourteen generations. This immediately reminded me of motherhood and how that I could have 14 generations after me, and that every little decision I make will not only affect me personally, but my kids and their kids and so on. Then when reading in John, the creation of each of us by God was brought to mind, and how Elder Nelson said that as women, we are co-creators with God. Then reading about the Savior, and how the people he lived with didn't even recognize him, It made me wonder, Would I know my savior? Would I recognize him in a crowd? I want to be positive that I know him and that my future children know their savior, brother and friend, Jesus Christ. What a more perfect way then through the scriptures, they speak of Christ and in order to know him, we must read the scriptures. Not only read the scriptures, but study the teachings, and learn from them! I love my savior and I can't wait to learn more about him over the next semester.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Since leaving BYU, life is a little crazy working all day all week (with my six jobs) then sleeping Saturday and church all day Sunday. With farewells and everything else going on, I don't have much time to do anything but family outside of work. This summer being with my family I realize how much I take advantage of them and how much they mean to me. Garrett no matter what always makes me feel loved and shows me that the little things don't matter. Kristen teaches me patience... with our age it is not always the easiest for me to handle her, but I still love her to death. Nathan on the other hand is there to go on car rides blasting the music as loud as possible and still manages to put up with me when I beat him up (just trying to toughen him up). My mom is so amazing. words cant even describe how much I love her and what she does for me. we talk and talk and talk about everything! She listens and gives the best advice. My dad is my best friend. I have always been a daddy's girl and he still teases me as if I was seven years old and manages to still pull out the same laugh I had when I was little. When I'm feeling alone or depressed he just looks at me, gives me a hug and tells me he loves me, of course i then bawl like a baby, but I love him so much. Family means the world to me.

When I am away from them I had my BYU family. Being away from them now, I realized how much I love my college friends and how grateful I am for each of them and for the impact each and every one of them have on my life. I miss Maddy always asking me whats wrong and making sure I am okay. I miss my late night talks with Alli about life and the bigger picture. I miss stuffing my face with Sarah, not sleeping and being completely crazy and so loud, and not caring about what not anyone thinks about how drunk or lesbainish we act. I miss Lauren and our deep talks late at night up in the mountains. I miss Olivia and just everything about her, how she makes me cry from laughing so hard and of course sleeping with her, or anyone for that matter. (I realized that I hate sleeping alone...) I miss Rebecca's Cooking, Heidi's sweet spirit and how happy she always is, I miss Kathryn and how easy going she is and how she just lets me vent, I miss Jett and how she would laugh at everything! and that is just the girls... I miss all the guys too but they wouldn't see this for two years because Cole and Kurtis are the only ones left. My freshman year has changed my life, changed who I am for the better and I will never forget all the memories I created. Being away from all of it makes me miss it even more.

I LOVE BYU and can't wait to go down there in the fall again and make new memories, but not replace the old ones, just add to them. Working keeps me busy and helps the time go by fast. Crazy to think that I am turning 19, and then June will be over, then we are half way with waiting and there are only two more months til my life is a little more complete down in Provo.

Life may not always go the way I expect it to, or even want it to. With boys leaving left and right on their missions, either ones I have dated or ones that are friends, it is always sad to see them go knowing I won't see them for a long time, and I could possibly be married when they get back. But I have learned to not look for the future wishing away the days that I do have, because time flies by and life is unexpected. As long as I enjoy each day making each day count then that is how I will be truly happy and enjoy my summer away from my best friends and saying goodbye.