Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Testament

Tonight I went to the temple with Sarah to do my scripture study for the day and for Book of Mormon. I also watched the fireside with Elder Russell M Nelson. During his talk, Motherhood and families kept on appearing into my thoughts, and also the Savior. After the fireside I couldn't stop thinking about how I need to make Christ the center of my life. While reading the assigned reading in Matthew, and all of the genealogy, it says at the end of vs 17 that there were fourteen generations. This immediately reminded me of motherhood and how that I could have 14 generations after me, and that every little decision I make will not only affect me personally, but my kids and their kids and so on. Then when reading in John, the creation of each of us by God was brought to mind, and how Elder Nelson said that as women, we are co-creators with God. Then reading about the Savior, and how the people he lived with didn't even recognize him, It made me wonder, Would I know my savior? Would I recognize him in a crowd? I want to be positive that I know him and that my future children know their savior, brother and friend, Jesus Christ. What a more perfect way then through the scriptures, they speak of Christ and in order to know him, we must read the scriptures. Not only read the scriptures, but study the teachings, and learn from them! I love my savior and I can't wait to learn more about him over the next semester.

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