Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He Is Our Father

I have always been told that I am a daughter of God. I even have "I am a daughter of God" painted above my closet. I am not only a daughter of my heavenly father but I also have earthly parents. I love my parents so much and they have always been there for me. Especially that I am now in college, I realized how much I need my parents in my life. They have helped me become who I am today, I honestly wouldn't be where I am without them. In Third Nephi, Chapter 9 vs. 22, it talks about children. It talks about how we need to be like children and come unto christ. When Brother Griffin talked about his little son it made me really reflect on my life. I am just like his little son. I make mistakes, a lot of them. I can try all I want to make them better by myself, but I am not capable of doing so. If I try by myself, I will make things worse. I need help. With Jesus Christ, my savior, brother and friend, I can clean up my mistakes and start fresh. He will wipe away my tears and say I love you, it will be okay. I love him so much!! Words can not even describe how much I love him, for everything he does for me. Just like a little child who clings onto is mom or dad when they are scared or sad, I need to do the same to my savior. He is always there for me and through the atonement, he has already paid for my sins. I need to take advantage of it and not let his efforts go to waste. He is always there for me, and I love him.

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