Monday, January 7, 2013

First Day Back!!

               Today is the first day back!! I had an amazing Christmas Break, I loved being home with my friends and family, but the whole time all I wanted to do was to be down in Provo with my college friends. They are honestly my closest friends, even though I have only known them for like four months, I feel like I can tell them anything and we are so close. 
                One of them that I am really close to is Michael Larson, he is leaving on his mission on Wednesday, and he was set apart tonight, and I don't know how I am going to survive the semester with out him, along with all the other guys that are leaving. Luckily enough, Alli and I were the last people he texted for two years, ( we are in a best friend group message) we are feeling pretty loved. We get to see him again on Wednesday before he leaves and we will spend all morning with him. The hard part is we have to say bye with handshakes, no hugs allowed. Kind of a bummer deal, but at least we get to see him! 
                After a full day of classes, Lauren, Alli, Kathryn and I are watching Pitch Perfect, our favorite movie, for the second time today! We watch it all the time, and quote it 24/7. I have so many memories with these girls, along with the rest of the fat five, and I can not wait for another full semester packed with fun and "studying." clearly, we are really good at focusing, and let's just hope we can survive another semester with better grades! 

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