Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Past is the Past

In Book of Mormon, We have been asked to post every week about class, and our insight regarding the weekly discussions, or assigned reading. This past week, we covered Alma chapters 36-42. I am going to focus on chapter 36, because it had the most impact on me. It focuses mostly on the past, and how we need to put it behind us, and move on. A quote that comes to mind is: "Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a part of who you will become." We all face trials no matter what we do. How we react to them, and the decisions we make, make us the people we are today. When meeting people, it is really important to remember that everyone has a past. I personally know that with the things I have done in life, I am not proud of all of them, but if I do my best to return to Christ, and to everyday try a little harder to be a little better, I will make progress in becoming who I want to be. When the judgment day comes, none of us will be perfect, only Christ is. We cannot come to Christ perfect that is why we have him. Through our savior, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement, we can become perfect and live with our father in Heaven, as long as we do the best we can. I need to remember to not compare myself to everyone else, but to become the best me, because that is all that I can do. The past is in the past, and when Satan tries to tempt me, and reminds me of the things I have done, I need to remind him of his future... he has none. We are all far better then we think we are, but not nearly as close to as good as we can be with Christ. "Inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of god, ye shall prosper in the land." The past is in the past for a reason, keep it there, and focus on the bright future ahead. As Brother Griffin always says, "just try a little harder to be a little better!" 

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