Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My friend

Last week, reading the Book of Mormon, and in my Book of Mormon class, I recognized how much our Savior does for us, and how much he really loves us. It isn't even comprehendible how much he loves us. He would literally do anything for us. He died for us, and wants us to come to him to ask for his help, because he wants us to be able to return and live with him again. In 3rd Nephi, there is such an emphasis on christ and his teachings. He wants us to just take one step each day, to end up facing in the right direction, He knows we aren't perfect, he knows we all make mistakes, but we just need to keep trying and to not give up. Jesus focuses on who and individual needs, he cares about us individually, one by one he takes care of us and knows our specific needs. The law of Moses was a partial law, but today we have the fully restored law. That means there is more expected of us. Christ is the law, we need to be Christ like. He is the perfect example. My favorite part of the reading was in 3rd Nephi chapter 17 verse 20 and 21, when he said "my joy is full" and then "he wept." This goes to show that Christ is vulnerable and he opens his heart to us. He lets us in and he cries for me. I need to let him into my life and into my heart. I can't possibly be as happy as I could be with him in my life. When I am facing trials I need to have him in my life. When everything seems to be going right, I need him in my life so that I can share my joy and thank him. I love my Savior, my older brother, and Friend.

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